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Posted on January 30, 2017 at 6:10 AM

HKC have developed a wireless Passive INfro red Camera sensor that can be connected to the HKC 1070 using the securecomm service.

This is a great new addition to their priducts and enhances the security for locations that dont have cameras.

Derived from HKC's highly successful, stylish and reliable RF-PIR detector; the RF-PIRCAM is fully wireless. It is available with a full colour VGA camera with built-in flash and delivers images to the HKC APP via our cloud-based SecureComm service.

The RF-PIRCAM is designed to send images via the HKC APP when an alarm is triggered. In addition, authorised users can request images from the RF-PIRCAM (subject to HKC’s fair usage policy).

Call Ivor on 0868273006 for info.

Categories: ICS Product Update

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